Sales terms and conditions for PUBLI VOILE SARL
for the website use

Article 1 Application field
The purpose of the sales general conditions hereby is to manage the relation between :
" The company PUBLI VOILE SARL based in Saint Martin sur le Pré, editor of the website, and
" The buyer IMERYS who has accepted the general conditions.

Article 2 Products
2.1 The products on offer are described on the website The specifications of the products as well as their pictures have been established in accordance with the supplier and are given only as a guide.
2. 2 The products are available on the website subject to the available stock.

Article 3 Price - participation to postage costs
3.1 All prices are given in Euro (€), tax and postage costs excluded.
3. 2 To the mentioned prices must be added the postage costs as they appear in the " basket " section of the order form.

Article 4 Close of sale - payment - confidentiality
4.1 The order is considered placed once the buyer IMERYS has validated his order basket by clicking on the " validate " key and he has received a confirmation via e-mail.
4. 2 The amount of the orders placed via the website will have to be paid within 30 days, upon reception of the invoice that will be sent via e-mail a few days after receiving your order.

Article 5 Delivery
5.1 The products will be sent to the delivery address given by the buyer IMERYS during the ordering process.
5. 2 At the exception of distinctive conditions specified at the time of the order's confirmation, allow 8 days, depending destination, for delivery.
5. 3 PUBLI VOILE SARL commits to inform the buyer IMERYS in case of any delay for the delivery. There will be no compensation.
5. 4 The amount of the postage costs is mentioned in the " basket " section and is subject to the client's agreement before any order is confirmed.

Article 6 Warranty in case of a flaw - return rights
6.1 If the product appears to have flaws, the PUBLI VOILE warranty is limited to the product being returned and the refund of the price, in return for which the buyer IMERYS will comply with the terms and deadlines described in the paragraph below.
6. 2 Apart from the existence of a flaw, the buyer IMERYS can, to his cost, return his order within 7 open days upon its delivery, at the condition that he has beforehand, within 5 open days, warned PUBLI VOILE.
6. 3 In case of a return in accordance to the paragraphs 6.1 and 6. 2 above, the invoiced amount will be reimbursed as per the conditions below :
- if the return is due to a mistake in the delivery made by PUBLI VOILE SARL, PUBLI VOILE SARL will edit a credit invoice,
- in any other situation, the invoiced amount will treated case by case.

Article 7 Terms and conditions for the use of the website
7.1 The use of the website is authorised exclusively for professional orders. It is mainly a Marketing tool.
7. 2 However, sales open to IMERYS's employees will be authorised in agreement with the
Marketing service and buyers IMERYS.

Article 8 Alterations to the general terms
8.1 The hereby terms can be altered at any time by PUBLI VOILE SARL.
8. 2 It is the buyer IMERYS's duty to regularly stay informed of the content and possible alterations of the hereby terms and conditions by visiting the following link:

Article 9 Applicable law
9.1 The relations between PUBLI VOILE SARL and the buyer IMERYS are submitted to French law. In case of a dispute, the French version of the terms and conditions hereby will prevail.